We are a Dell Partner and we do in fact sell computers.

Now, that being said let me also say this – there  is NO profit in selling computers.  So we do not have the deal of the day here.   We have the easy button!  We make computer purchases easy.

Dell gives us a 3% discount as a partner.

Your Credit card company charges me 2.78%.

We make 1.98 on a computer.

But what YOU get is priceless.

You get simple plain language that won’t make you feel stoopid.

You get a proven process that works for transitioning you into a new machine.

You get a painless process.

We can purchase, data transfer and deliver it to you.

And we sell just as many or more computers than any one single store in town including the big box stores.  Why?  Because we have the service side of the equation down!!!

If you need a replacement machine – call us for your server, desktop and laptop needs.

We make it easy because we focus on you!

Computer Sales – yep we got that.
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