It took years for Yahoo to tell it’s customers that Yahoo email had a data breach. Meanwhile scammers could change Yahoo email users passwords, read their mail and invent a multitude of ways to scam them.

Then, years later – Yahoo admits to 1.5 Million accounts being breached. Long after users should have simply changed their passwords and taken other security measures. If only Yahoo had notified them in a timely manner.

Then – Verizon buys Yahoo and Yahoo email and takes a look at this and says… ALL Yahoo EMAIL ACCOUNTS WERE BREACHED.

so, let us recap. Yahoo lost customer’s passwords in a breach, didn’t tell them, then lied – for YEARS.

This is just another example of why I say free email is over. If you are not paying for something you are not a customer you are a product. You are not a buyer you are the thing that is sold. You have no rights.

We believe that everyone should leave free email and specifically Yahoo and AOL who seem like the worst of the worst for breaches and poison ads.

Google mail is a better option and has a road to paid for email with additional services at about $5.00 per month which is the going rate these days.

Say goodbye to free email – or don’t complain about ads, spam, hacking, liars and cheats. For Big Business there is no leverage to do the right thing when money is not at stake.

That’s our opinion.

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Yahoo email breach