Reset AOL & Yahoo Passwords – Assistance

All email applications like Yahoo and AOL have an option to reset the password that is automated. Simply go to the website where you usually log into your mail. (this would NOT be outlook, windows mail, live mail or express mail) this would be the actual website you log into originally when you setup mail (and maybe still do) such as:

Yahoo Login Page
Google Login Page
AOL Login Page

Attempt to login (or just click the lost password link if it is present)
follow the instructions for each vendor on the lost password process.
MOST of the time they will want to send a text security code to your phone on file. Sometimes they have a second email account.

Once you enter the code you will be taken to the next screen to reset your password and then you are good to go!

What if you don’t have recovery options on your account?

If you have yahoo or AOL free email and need the password reset you must have already setup your recovery options and in some cases now you must have text messaging on your recovery phone. (yours or close friend/family)

You can no longer call your free email provider for free help. Everything is automated. You can go to the website for your provider and hit “forgot my password”. They will send you a confirmation code to a cell phone to open your account. If you don’t have that setup, your email account is lost.

I know many of you will not want to believe me. You’ve had this account for years. Surely there is a way, you’ll even pay. Nope. No free email support.

There are many scammers out there that pretend to be companies like AOL and Yahoo and will take your money with no results.

If you choose not to believe me, you should also be very careful in the road you follow.

Free email was once a way to get customers for marketing purposes. Now it is simply done a different way so why pay for tech support for that free email you’ve had for years. They don’t. If you forget your password and cannot navigate the automated system, you are out of options.

There is no free support for free email and there are a ton of scammers scooping up people looking for that. Be careful!

Reset AOL & Yahoo Passwords – Assistance