I think most of you know by now and have seen the FEDEX package scam, the you won ear buds scam and more.

Now comes the ‘opps wrong number’ scam that plays on your kindness.

Who wouldn’t want to help someone having a bad day, in the hospital, maybe a little loopy and fat fingered the buttons on the phone? Everyone wants to be helpful and the bad guys are counting on that kindness.

Most people getting this text would want to respond with, something like ‘sorry you are ill, but you reached the wrong person” This will result in an also friendly text back saying how kind you are. Then once asking for your name and eventually the scam is on for crypto currency or something.

It’s best just not to respond to misplaced text messages in the world we live in. Just don’t be helpful in this situation, even if you are good and kind and want to. You can also report this message as SPAM thereby helping the entire community be rid of these cockroaches.

Wrong Number Scam
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