Your Computer Friends sells Windows 7 Professional computers. YCF offers desktop and laptop computers configured with Windows 7 professional. These machines are also licensed for Windows 10 professional. Windows 7 computers are supported by Microsoft until the year 2020 and will run most software designed for Vista or XP computers. You can not transfer “upgraded” software to new computers – must be full versions.

Call us today – or stop by – to discuss your computer needs. We make computer purchases easy! Susan specializes in easy explanations of computers. You will easily understand her way of matching the right machine to your needs. No need to let technology get you down. Let Susan take care of getting you the right solution for your computer needs.

We are a sales partner for multiple brands and can supply both laptops and desktops as well as servers. We special order computers which generally arrive in 5 days. (some exceptions beyond our control)

Windows 7 Professional Computers – New