Your Computer Friends sells turnkey solutions for computer replacement.

We are a Dell, HP, Lenovo partner as well as being able to custom build desktop computers.

We can determine what you need without hard or embarrassing questions.  (really) We can order it, receive it and set it up for you including data transfer and in some cases software transfer as well.  (depends on manufacturer rules and compatibility – we can talk)

The result of Covid-19 is less inventory and higher prices.

We don’t pretend to be the cheapest answer nor do we care.  (too much)  We are still the competitive answer, the easy answer and the right answer without pain and drama.  If that is what you need, we have been doing it well for 15 years.  Give us a call and we can do it all over the phone, easy and enjoyable.  We walk you through the entire process and if you get remote backup you don’t even have to be without your computer.  We can copy your current machine and restore it to your new one in our office and you can just move along just like you always did.  Amazing right?  Be sure to ask about our SSP solution that allows for full transfer to a new machine without giving up yours.   Yep, we got this thing nailed!

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