Do you have Windows 7 computer?
That old reliable Windows 7 is finally due for an end of life moment.
You can tell by looking at the start background on your computer.  Look to the lower left corner. If you have a circle in the lower left hand corner of your screen, that is Windows 7 (or Windows 10 pretending to be Windows 7 – rare but possible) and needs replacement soon. If you have a SQUARE, (or four squares) that is Windows 10.
If you bought a Windows 10 computer and downgraded it to Windows 7 you can update your software and you may not have to buy a new computer at this time. We should talk.
Windows 7 is end of life in 2020. That means Microsoft will stop supporting these machines by giving them updates (most of which are security based). If you have a problem with Windows 7, there will be no technical support. This also means our technician tools stop working as well. Since we can’t fix things without our Microsoft tool box, that leaves us unable to support.
You should also be aware that there are not enough computer technicians in this town to replace all Windows 7 machines quickly and easily in the next 9 months. We alone manage thousands of machines. So we urge you to replace sooner rather than later. It is unlikely we will be accepting home machines for replacement by mid November as we, like all shops, will be overloaded with full office replacements. Please plan now!
Machines on a network require Windows 10 professional.
Windows 7 computers end of life January 20020