What’s up with Windows 10 updates?
Windows 10 is doing massive semi-annual updates rather than the small security updates you are used to with Windows 7. Therefore your computer may in fact be taking longer to do updates.
 What this means:
. These massive downloads are done in the background and give no indication that they are happening. You may have slowness during these times.
. If you have a small hard drive your computer may be filling up.
. Your computer screen may go dark, your machine may appear to be dead, or not responsive during updates.  Leave. It. Alone.
. You may be tempted to start and stop your update.  Leave. It. Alone.
OK so we got the windows big update story right? Now comes the opps, we thought that was big enough story.
Some computers manufactured in the last 2 years have very small solid state drives in them. Originally configured to run Windows 10 without issue; they now have serious issues!
The new Windows 10 updates are not loading into some computers because they don’t have enough room to take the update! Even when we delete everything we possibly can, they may still not have room for the update.
Microsoft lists the size of the operating system as 20G. A lot of computers were sold with 32G solid state drives for the Operating System. I know, I know you are doing the math and thinking that is nearly double what is needed – shouldn’t be a problem. But it is.
So before you go off and buy a cheap fast 32G solid state drive – just don’t!
And if it’s already too late for that advice and you have a full hard drive, call us we have solutions.
Windows 10 updates