Did your computer fail to start after windows 10 updates?  You are not alone!


I have to admit I started off skeptical then went to approval when it came to Windows 10. I know my way around it pretty well, it responds well and has very little day to day issues. I even feel it’s a fairly easy system to learn as long as it starts after windows updates!

It does, however, have one or two issues and they all revolve around windows updates and they are all unpreventable by users or us. As time has gone on, Microsoft has restricted our ability to manipulate it’s operating system more and more and thus the windows updates. Sometimes basic manipulation like preventing updates was good for the end user. Those powers are nearly a thing of the past and sometimes updates do indeed break things. What we have found over time is that machines that were upgraded to Windows 10 have more issues than those that started as Windows 10.  We have also found that some brands (Lenovo) have more issues than others.

Most of you won’t remember because you are not technicians and don’t care – BUT originally Microsoft and all technicians said a FRESH INSTALL OF WINDOWS 10 was really best. Meanwhile, Microsoft went against its own advice and upgraded machines automatically all over town while users were sleeping. Those forced upgrades are now turning into update time bombs.

What can you do? If you have a machine that was “born” as Windows 10, just make sure you have a backup at all times and hope for the best. We see the least amount of issues with these machines.

If you have a machine that was a previous version of windows and UPGRADED to Windows 10 during the free forced install – know that your machine may end up not starting one day. At that point, you will need to determine if you want to move forward with a new machine (because upgraded machines are about 5 years old, or more) or whether you want to repair what you have (which is generally not recommended unless you have a high-end machine with low mileage.) Reloads for Windows 10 start at $130.00

So if you hate surprises and you upgraded to Windows 10 years ago, it might be time to be proactive before your gremlin shows up.  Consider budgeting for a replacement sometime in the near future.

Windows 10 failed to start after updates