The potential of data loss is the most stressful of computer problems.  If you think your computer hard drive is failing – TURN IT OFF AND LEAVE IT OFF!!

Failing hard drives rarely give warning, if yours happens to be gracious enough to give you an indication of problems, it is best to give that small window of opportunity to a qualified technician who might be able to recover before it gets worse. Continuing to operate your hard drive will affect it’s health negatively. This means the more you try and use it after it’s indicated it’s failing the less likely we are to be able to recover data. Our process doesn’t require a normal start to recover data, so you should STOP attempting something that is unnecessary for data recovery and likely is reducing your chances of success.

Signs of a failing hard drive are:

  • slowness
  • not always booting/starting
  • can’t find user profile/can’t log in.
  • Can’t fine file.
  • Freezing locking up
  • windows “delayed write failed”
  • Blue Screens
  • Black screens that say “hard drive failure”
  • Constantly checking the disk for errors.

If you think you have a failing hard drive, you have no current backup and your data is important, turn off your computer and bring it to the shop.  At the shop we have the tools necessary to diagnose your issue and attempt recovery locally.  Your cheapest form of data recovery will be local.  If your drive only has a marginal bit of life left, let us attempt to get your priority documents and/or pictures before it is too late.

Once the drive stops “talking” the next step for data recovery is what is called a clean room.  We will, with your permission, send the drive to a clean room where they take apart the drive and recover the data.  There are no clean rooms in Wilmington, NC.  Our vendor has a 90% success rate recovering data.  A good outcome depends on what happened before they have a chance at recovery which is why we limit what we do locally and ask that you limit the damage you may cause also to give recovery a fighting chance at success.

Think of it this way – let’s say you had an old phonograph with a bad needle.  When you play your favorite record not only can it not be heard correctly, but the bad needle is actually scratching the vinyl making it unenjoyable to listen to on any phonograph.  We want to make a good copy of the data before the bad needle destroys the entire album.  So turning on your machine when it is failing makes things worse.  Technicians who don’t know symptoms of bad drives and attempt recovery where there is no solution, make things worse.  Try not to make things worse.

Local data recovery runs around $250.00.

Clean room recovery starts around $800.

You only pay for clean room service if our recovery partner is successful at recovering the data you need.

Over the years we have saved scripts, tax returns, contacts, mail, photographs and marriages.

Call us at the above number if you need data recovery.