Bing/Edge is the search engine for Microsoft vs Chrome which is Google. Chrome has been the leading browser for years.

Microsoft now has a chance to catch up with it’s new AI backed search engine. Microsoft feels that search engines were initially designed to find destinations, like websites, and were not designed to answer questions, but now we ask that of them also. I had never thought of that before, but it’s true. The first search engines were designed to find website destinations. Now we are all asking for recipes or how many teaspoons are in a gallon. This is a huge shift from where we started.

The search engines of the future will be able to suggest dinner recipes based on other criteria such as allergies and what you have in your kitchen – because smart refrigerators are here and smart cabinets are next. Naturally that is just the take off point. Those suggestions will be based on positive solutions of the past.

AI is actually not “thinking” What AI basically does is give the most probable answer by reviewing all the possible answers to any given question. It creates a bell curve of answers and chooses the top answer on the curve. So AI is actually not thinking, it’s just using the answers that worked well before.

So what is this Bing GTP thingy?