Are you an EARLY ADOPTER? Are you an innovator or a visionary? If not – than NO. Just wait.

All software comes with issues. These days it feels like companies are just releasing products and letting average consumer find the flaws. That business model can save a lot of cash! So if you are into that sort of thing, fine. But if you want your software to work and not confuse you and slow you down, than just wait a bit and let everyone else be the ‘testers’.

In some cases we would absolutely recommend that you NOT get on a new operating system. This would be the case if your machine was rather old or your software/hardware compatibility might be a problem. When hardware and other software programs can’t communicate well with the operating system, they tend to not work.

Imagine your laptop is 5 years old and each part of it needs to talk to the operating system. The keyboard needs to talk, the speakers, the monitor, the anti-virus program. If any of those bridges is not built right, things won’t work. We let the “early adopters” figure that out for us. Again, unless you are into that; most people are not.

All new laptops we sell are now Windows 11 with solid state drives. The machines are built for Windows 11 and come that way. We can roll it back to Windows 10 IF you REALLY need it. It’s not recommended to go backwards.
Should I update to Windows 11?