Our service shop on Oleander (click here for directions) is the place to go when you need fast quality repairs and solutions with the convenience of dropping it off on your schedule. Trevor, our senior shop technician, can resolve many issues same day, and sometimes while you are out to lunch or swimming at the beach.

Machines can be dropped off anytime during normal business hours listed here at the top of this page.

The shop has all the resources available for repair solutions that may affect the hardware or data of your computer.Hardware problems are tackled at the shop such as replacement of hard drives, fans, screens, keyboards, charging jacks, touch pads, wireless cards and so on.

If you think you have a virus you can download a trial version of Webroot, out antivirus product, here.

Virus Removal and Operating System reloads: These are also best handled in the shop. We do both of these in the shop because it’s more cost effective to you, our customer. Virus removals and reloads take a lot of “clock time” meaning the machine may be sitting on our bench for hours at a time but our technicians aren’t actively in front of it working with it. The time a technician actually spends on the machine is what we refer to as “keyboard time” and is what we charge for. So if your older machine is infected with viruses and it takes the virus program 2-3 hours to run a full scan we don’t have to charge you that 2-3 hours since we can work on other things. The same goes for operating system reloads, we don’t have to charge you for the 30 minutes that your computer takes to download and install all the latest windows updates.

For virus removals and operating system reloads are done at a flat rate. Machines with virus infections usually spend the night with us and go out next day to ensure we catch all the infections on the machine. If you think you may have a virus you can stop in anytime during normal business hours listed here at the top of the page. When you bring your machine to us if it is a laptop please bring the power cord. We have spares but on busy days we can run out of spares if everyone forgets. If you have a desktop computer all we need is the computer itself. No need to being any additional cords. If you would like to, you can call ahead and one us would be more than happy to carry your computer in from the car for you.

WARRANTY ON VIRUS REMOVAL: We offer Webroot, the #1 best selling Internet Security program in the US. If you have been infected with viruses we highly recommend this product as we have found first hand that it is absolutely the best at removing viruses and keeping the machine clean. We are so confident in our antivirus product we offer a FULL WARRANTY on virus removal if your machine gets any viruses while our webroot product is installed an running on your machine. This does NOT cover damage caused to the machine by viruses. Some infections cause damage to the operating system. Repairs needed as a result of damage caused by viruses is not covered by this warranty, only the removal of viruses.

If your situation is complex and data loss is a concern, we would want to see you at the shop where we have the best tools available to save your priority documents and pictures.

We’re dedicated to serving your needs and providing you with excellent service. In order to do that at the lowest cost to you, we only stock parts and supplies that will be needed for repairs. If we were to order supplies for public consumption, that would increase the cost of our operation and ultimately, the cost to you, our valued customer.

With each new generation of phone and tablet device, manufacturers make their devices less and less repair friendly. For this reason we no longer stock parts for or repair phones or tablets. We wouldn’t be comfortable offering a service that we couldn’t deliver on at 100 percent.

When it comes to purchasing equipment, we only purchase from Authorized Microsoft vendors instead of third party vendors to ensure quality for our customers.

Due to space limitations, we only accept items for recycling during our events. For more information on our next recycling event Click Here