We offer On-Site, In-Shop and Remote Services.

On-site service is a 1 hour minimum with 15 minute increments added as needed.  We give you a 2 hour service window for your appointment as we are not certain when the call in front of you will complete.  Technicians will wear masks and bring their own keyboards.  You must also wear a mask or remain 6ft from the technician.  We safeguard you and expect you to safeguard us.

In-shop –  The shop is now curbside drop off and pickup.  As our space is less than 800sq feet, we prefer to keep employees isolated from everything.  If the team gets sick, no one gets fixed!  Most things can be discussed over the phone or via remote viewer.  In the rare case we need to show a customer something they will be brought in the shop to a special area close to the exterior door.  Masks will be required by all!  All shop work requires an appointment.

The shop charges for “hands on keyboard time” which means downloading a file for an hour is not chargeable at the shop but IS chargeable at an on-site visit.

Remote support – As you can imagine, remote support is currently our most popular offering!  We remote into your computer and no germs are ever passed and no shoes have to be worn!

If you can not get on the internet, or you don’t have good internet, remote is simply not an option for you.  If your machine is running painfully slow, remote is also not an option for you as adding a remote connection to a slow machine just makes it slower.  With this service you are paying by the minute so slow running machines can take ten times as long to  resolve this way.

Not sure what is best for your need?  We are!  We are experts at this so let us properly place your service call.

We offer service contracts for homes and businesses that bill monthly at an economical rate.  This includes maintenance, managed backup, managed virus protection and discounts to other services.

We offer a free site survey to new business customers within a reasonable distance from our Wilmington office.