Consumers in the United States do not have a comprehensive right to obtain copies of the data held by American companies.

Consumers in the European Union have a right to obtain personal data that companies have on them. (These are relatively new restrictions that just went into effect.)

You may notice you are seeing a lot of privacy settings on websites you now go to. If you don’t bother to read what it says, they will take and use any information about you that they can. I’ve been clicking through these privacy statements lately to the details and find that some of them do allow you to set your privacy similar to the EU with far less being shared. Sometimes I just decide it is not worth it and I close the site down.

In the US we focus on Data Security – preventing external and internal attacks to your data.

Data privacy involves how data is collected, shared and used.

These are very different things. In the US your PRIVACY is not protected. Every time you access a website or add an App to your phone you expose your information to anyone and everyone. Also be aware, the Privacy of a website is completely different than the Privacy on an APP. When you install an APP on your phone, you basically turn over all your privacy. This is why everyone from Chick-fil-A to your mortgage company want you to install the app.

I found a VERY interesting article about what data is being tracked and how in the dark we really are. Check the link below and read this NYTimes article about the type of data received on a person in the US vs EU.

Security vs Privacy