The secure system plan is our solution to your antivirus, backup, and remote support needs.

Why choose our antivirus/online backup over others?

Lets start with the biggest reason, we look out for you. With both the antivirus and the online backup we’re looking out for you. This means that every single day at least one employee logs into our dashboard for each program and makes sure every single customer is running as they should be. Will your current antivirus or backup company call you when your machine gets infected or if your backup isn’t working like it should? Chances are they won’t.

The second reason is how amazing the antivirus product is. in the past we did not warranty virus removal. This meant once your machine left our shop we couldn’t control whether or not your machine stayed clean. So in some cases we would have customers take their clean machine home and unknowingly reinfect themselves. We have over 100 customers on our business level antivirus solution. In the 90 days we have been using this product, which is a beefed up version of what we offered in the past, we have not seen a single machine come back to the shop with an infection. What does all this mean? We now offer WARRANTY ON VIRUS REMOVAL. If your previously clean machine comes into the shop infected with a virus after installing our managed antivirus solution we warranty the removal of that virus.*

$20/Month Includes:
10GB Online Backup
Webroot Antivirus for one machine
$25 Connection charge waived for remote support
Remote Support $1/Minute
Routine Maintenance for 1 machine for every 3 months of service.


Q: Is there any obligation to keep the subscription?
A: No there is no obligation to keep the service cancel at any time.

Q: How much for additional computers?
A: For an extra $10 a month you can add one machine. This includes AV for that machine, an additional 5GB backup. And routine maintenance for that machine for every 3 months of service. Prices listed below at $2.50/month do NOT include quarterly maintenance.

Q: What is included in the routine maintenance?
A: Our technician will connect to your machine remotely and perform standard routine maintenance operations on the machine to keep it healthy and running smoothly. We use a predetermined set of tools and procedures to clean and maintain the machine’s health. Anything required outside of those tools and procedures will have to be billed at $1/minute. Our technician will inform you if this is needed and request permission to proceed before performing any billable work done on a routine maintenance call.

Q: What if I need AV for additional machines?
A: Additional machines can be added for $2.50 per machine per month. (Ex. $22.50 for two machines, $25 for 3 machines etc.)

Q: What if I need additional online backup?
A: Additional backup can be purchased at $2.50 for each additional 5GB per month. (Ex. $22.50 for 15GB, $25 for 20GB etc.)

Q: How do I install my Antivirus and Online Backup?
A: Our technicians will do this for you remotely at no cost. They will also set you up with an easy access remote support launcher on your desktop to help you connect to us faster in the future.

Q: When is remote support available?
A: Remote support is available during normal business hours. If you require assistance outside of normal business hours please call us to see if arrangements can be made to assist you outside of our normal hours.

Q: What if I’m a member of the 45 club?
A: Nothing changes. You are still entitled to free remote support from 11AM-2PM which the secure system plan does not include. You are also still eligible for $1/minute ($45 minimum) on-site service calls which is also not included with the secure system plan.

*The fine print. We do not warranty damage caused by viruses. This means if at any point a virus cases damage to your data or operating system we do not warranty that work. If your machine needs it’s operating system reinstalled due to damage caused by viruses standard shop rates will apply.

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