We offer the following services:

Drop off – at our shop location, 3818 – B Oleander Drive.  Open from 8:30 – 6:00 if you have an unexpected data concern – please bring your computer to our shop location for best possible results.   If you think you have a quick problem, bring it to the shop location as we have shorter (cheaper) minimum service charge.  Virus removal is done at the shop as it is cheaper for the customer.

On-site – call us at (910) 799-8585 or Book here – we do like to talk with our onsite appointment’s so don’t be surprised if we call you back.  After hours? Save your time spot and then we will discuss the details later.

Remote Support – click here during hours listed above.  We are normally pretty good at seeing and hearing customers as they arrive in our remote support channel but sometimes we are in conversations with other customers and we miss the chime.  If you are on remote support for more than 5 minutes with no response, please call us.