We offer the following services:

Contactless curbside Drop off , by appointment,  at our shop location, 3818 – B Oleander Drive.   We are open Monday – Friday for drop offs from from 8:30 – 6:00.   Minimum 30 minute repair.  Call ahead to get in the system and to have us look out for you.  Occasionally (twice a week) we leave the shop empty when appointments run over or to run out to grab lunch.  We wouldn’t want to miss you.  You can also try your luck and just stop by!

Remote Support – We can remotely connect to your computer from our computer to work on many things.  This is a very safe way to resolve computer problems right now!  Minimum 30 minute repair for non members and 15 minutes for members.  We generally have open appointments from 11 to 3PM Tuesday – Friday.   Monday’s are hectic!

On-site –  Offering on-site calls for residential and business customers.  Our staff is fully vaccinated but since we have breakthrough cases, will be wearing masks around customers until further notice.  Customers are also required to wear a mask around technicians.   Still we ask you to keep your distance and be safe so we don’t inadvertently carry anything to a senior on our service list!  At all times that you can remove yourself from the technician’s work area, we love you more.

We offer and prefer contactless payment for all services.   We accept all major credit cards on site, remotely and at the shop.

During times of high community spread we will take all available measures to keep you and our employees healthy and enjoying life. 

Updated September 2021