We  custom order professional level computer equipment for our business customers and make the home computer sales process painless. We are a Toshiba,  HP, Lenovo, Dell and Dell Refurbished Partner. We do not sell new Macs at this time.

When it comes to computer sales, we sell a lot of Dells.  At Your Computer Friends we know the ins and outs of networks, business level software and all the operating system incompatibilities.  If it’s all too much for you to care about, we get it.    At Your Computer Friends we focus on the computer solution that best matches your needs, not on achieving this week’s sales quota.  We get there asking you simple questions that won’t make you squirm.  When customers go it alone, they often get a fabulous deal on the wrong equipment.  The wrong equipment at a good price is still the wrong equipment.

Home users always enjoy the simple relaxed buying experience at Your Computer Friends. We discuss your needs, wants, and hobbies.  We offer you several computer options and explain the differences in a way that is educational and simple.  We can do all of this over the phone and via email now!

Once we agree on a machine, we order it and receive it for you at the shop. Then we data transfer from the old machine (if possible), move your favorites, install your software and then bring your new system to your home or office for the final install phase.

We also offer an SSP option now that allows us to copy your old machine to your new without a single thing different or you losing your machine for days.  Ask us how we do that and if it’s what you need.

If we need to, we can come On-site to add your printer, set your network and make sure you can access all the important stuff before we leave. We have a time tested process that is easy and painless. We will remove your old computer for recycling during your install.  We only remove old computers if you purchase from us.  We must recycle most of what is returned.   We can  delete all data from your old hard drive if you require it.

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