Your Computer Friends offers both Remote System Management of your home or office machines and break-fix repairs.

Remote System Management:

Let us keep your systems running fast, virus free and well protected with our complete System Support Plan.  Under this plan you get:

.  Antivirus install and managed protection.

.  Installation of remote cloud backup solution customized to your needs.

.  Remote quarterly tune-ups.

.  Pesky little problems or questions resolved quickly and easily.

SSP members do not pay for remote connection fees only the per minute charges.

Break Fix issues:

In many cases it is easier, faster and sometimes even cheaper for customers to use our remote service solution to repair your computer.  If you are having problems sending or receiving email, need training, can’t find a file, needs software loaded or are not sure about a pop up on your screen, remote may be a good solution for you.  Remote services are billed per minute plus a connection fee and are currently available 10 A.M. – 5 P.M. Monday – Friday.  Call us to see if remote is a good solution for your particular problem.

We use a secure, customer approved connection to repair your computer.  Once we end the repair session with you, we can not see your computer, files or programs.  You must allow us on your computer via an authorization process each and every time.  So you need have no worries about us “spying” on you when we have concluded our session.