We need windows 7, 8 or 10 desktops & laptops.

Can you help your local purpose driven non-profits by donating newish working computers? We’ve been quietly helping for over 12 years but we are short equipment and really hate to turn down our local partners!

June 4 – June 8 2018  we will be collecting at 3818B Oleander for local non-profit distribution later in June and  also July.

How the program works:  We collect “newish” working computers. Windows 7, 8 or 10 ONLY.

  1.  Customer friends and other community members donate working used computers to us.
  2.  Microsoft & other vendors donate software via techsoup.
  3. We donate up to 2 hours per machine reloading them with non-profit software.
  4.  We donate our time to getting them ready for a new life IN OUR AREA.


  • After we reload with non-profit software, NONE of your data is viable or retrievable.
  • It is impossible to say which non-profit will receive your equipment when you deliver it.  However, we can supply updates as to who got equipment and maybe how the plan on using it.  As an example,  Fully Belly Project (www.fullbellyproject.org) needs a laptop to take to Africa to work on irrigation solutions there.