PC Donors
Move your PC out of the closet and into the hands of our passionate local non-profits! Over the years we have become a resource for our local non-profits – but sadly we have no resources!
Back in the day you may recall we ran a recycle event several times a year. We stopped about two years ago when the town picked up the slack and added a lot of resources. From that recycle event, we frequently got machines that were good enough to re-purpose and were donated as such. But alas, that event ended and we still have requests for equipment!
In a recent newsletter I told the story of¬†Full Belly Project¬†needing a laptop to go to Africa. They didn’t need anything new. Africa is actually pretty rough on their laptops! But I had nothing for them and it occurred to me that I should ask our friends in the community for equipment they may not nee. So now I’m asking.
Can you, or someone you know, donate used computers or laptops?
Re-purpose for a Purpose! June 4 – June 8, 2018