Dear HOHI Board:

Please see the attachment.  It is a snip from the latest newsletter of
“Your Computer Friends,” a local Wilmington computer service business
that Jemila and I loyally frequent.

Susan Kadar, who owns the business, is passionate about both customer
service and community service.  She has started a new community service
of reconditioning and reloading laptops in good condition, donated by
customers, and then donating them to local non-profits who need them.

We received donation #1 !  It’s really a beauty – a bulletproof Toshiba
that should last forever.  (Hopefully not in the hands of a customs
agent somewhere.)

Susan asked for a picture to put in the newsletter, so I provided one of
several of the girls in one of the computer labs using antiquated
equipment.  I wonder how many readers will get the message.  (“What’s a
CRT, grandpa?”)  Stuart, I believe these came from you, right?

Anyway, HEARTIEST thanks to Susan – and for those of you in the
Wilmington area who have not tried “Your Computer Friends,” do so at
once and spread the word.

I go there as infrequently as I can (sorry, Susan) – but when one of my
machines needs a helping hand, I actually look forward to the visit.


Pat Marriott
Hard-Working Secretary
Homes of Hope India – US, Inc.

re-purpose for a purpose – Homes of Hope India says thank you