Your Computer Friends wanted you to know that your Quickbooks 2014 will end support and other features May 2017

You will no longer be able to access Online Banking or sign up for other QuickBooks Services such as Payroll, Payments and Live Technical Support after May 2017

Also – If you click the link in Quickbooks to upgrade your version – you may not get the best price! (They call that customer loyalty bonus – NO DISCOUNT FOR YOU!) I found a better price directly from Intuit’s website. Hey, twenty bucks is twenty bucks!

Most software is only good for about 3 years. It is logical that software companies do not want to support too many versions and certainly not forever. What I hate about Quickbooks is that they turn off features vs just stopping the support of them.

If you are thinking about moving to Quickbooks online version, you should know that it is very very different from the desktop version you are used to. If you have senior accounting staff, you should check with them before upgrading to an online version.

You can also check out Xero as an alternative to Quickbooks.

Be sure that any applications that interface with Quickbooks also interface with Xero. Xero will help you do a one time migration from Quickbooks if you desire.

Be sure to update Quickbooks 2014 and other programs when they get to be 3 years old or more.