Things that enable Scammers:

Reusing passwords – Where is the weakest link?

.  Using easily identified words/phrases – pet’s names, children’s names, birthdates, anniversaries and such.

.  Playing Facebook “copy and paste” – “get to know me” games

.  Other breaches of security questions and password leaks.

•Not using available security (2FA)

Things that Protect you

•2FA or MFA – Two Factor or Multifactor Authentication

•Authenticator App

•Password App

•Use a VPN for private transactions on public networks

•Set alerts for critical financial institutions Use non-Standard security answers

2FA or MFA – a Second or Third level of Authentication

•Setup 2FA or MFA on all financial accounts such as:


•Social Security/Medicare

•Investment accounts & Insurance



•QuickBooks/Quicken accounts that are web based

Once enabled you will get texted codes when these conditions apply:

  .  Password changes are requested (huge!)

  .  Invalid password attempts are tried

  .  You sign in on an unknown device (different PC)

  .  You sign in from a new location

A Password Manager is an Application that you install on your computer, your tablet and your phone. 

.  Set one strong password for everything (opens your password vault)

.  Create new stronger 15 character passwords for your sites.

.  Sits in the Browser and once you log in, logs you into everything you recorded in your vault.

We use Keeper which also has a biometric feature for the phone so just a fingerprint opens it and fills your passwords. 

Don’t log into financial accounts on public Wi-Fi in airports or hotels.  If you travel frequently and need this, get a VPN, Virtual Private Network, that adds the security you need for these types of transactions in public.

If you just want to check the menu, that’s great.

I recommend a tablet with no other personal information for travel.  No email, no Facebook, no banking, just browsing safely.

VPN services:  Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, Torguard VPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, ExpressVPN (reportedly easy APP)