Often times liking a business is really about liking and trusting the people who you deal with every day in that business.  We consider ourselves a very likable bunch and hope to find the bulk of our customers likable as well.

The computer industry can be a scary landscape to navigate when you are forced to rely on someone else for advice and direction.

Everything we do at Your Computer Friends is done legally and with good intention.  I hire people I want to work closely with every day.  We all want to work with honest, funny, reliable peers and that is the same here at YCF.

As the owner writing this, I can tell you the collective IQ of my staff is amazing. Good, smart, polite technicians one and all who are ready willing and able to jump into any problem you may have.

We also have one employee at the office with four paws, Lucy.  Lucy comes to work nearly every day and always brightens our mood.

susan in carryan and susancameron standingtraining


lucy at office1