computer Scams are a problem for everyone. Read about how one person was taken advantage of and be careful yourself with scams like this one.

A sad story about computer scams.

We recently had a loyal customer bring in a new friend to discuss how they had been a victim of a internet computer scam. I was amazed at how far this scam went with this customer and encourage you to discuss this issue with your loved ones, especially seniors. If you think “my family wouldn’t fall for that” think again. I’ve seen countless examples of people being scammed by this that I would not have believed vulnerable. Just assume everyone is vulnerable and help them by educating them about this scam before they lose their savings.

Here is how this scam went for this particular individual:

She gets a popup saying call this number your computer is infected. She calls the number and pays $250.00 to have the computer cleaned up.

A few weeks later she gets another popup and calls another number and pays $250.00 to have the computer cleaned up.

A few days later she gets another popup and calls the first people back and says ‘ you’re not fixing this and I already paid you for this ‘ The scammer tells her she needs the “advanced protection plan” which is $500.00 and she pays again. (We are now at $1,000!)

A few days later the company calls her and says they are no longer doing business in the United States and they are going to refund her $500.00. She thinks, great, I’d like to have $500.00 back!

They convince her they need to get on her computer so they can put the money in her bank account. They have her log into her online banking (yes I cringed at this point) they put up a black screen to the customer for a few minutes and when they brought it down her bank balance was plus $3,000.00. Then the scammer says, oh no, I made a mistake and put $3,000.00 in your account and my boss is going to fire me and I have like 5 kids and 6 grandmas and everyone will starve if you don’t refund me $2,500.00 right away before my boss finds out.

You need to go to the store and purchase $2,500 in iTunes gift cards and call me with the numbers.

So this poor lady went to Walmart, bought $2,500 in gift cards (why didn’t anyone question that at the Walmart when this is a known scam?) and then provided all the numbers to Mr. Scammer while he cashed the cards online even informing her that one of the numbers was wrong.

Had they put $3,000 into her account? No. They moved $3,000 from her savings into her checking to make it appear that way.

Total of loss: $4,000.00!!!

Now this is a nice lady, and a very well educated lady so be assured – computer scams can happen to anyone! So please, please, please – talk with your loved ones no matter how smart you think they are and remind them to be safe. The simple easy question here, and with virtually any scam, is “who contacted whom?”

If someone you don’t know contacts you and then asks for money – you need to assume it is a scam and stop the process immediately!

And if you are still having issues with these people calling you. I suggest a whistle!

computer scams – a local story and warning to protect yourself from internet scams
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