Customers should consider a password log book for keeping secure track of passwords. Honestly, in this day and age, no one is looking for your written password. In today’s world the bad guys are hacking into accounts in the hundreds via online brute force methods. They have no access to your personal Password Book at home.

I would rather see customers with STRONG passwords written down, than see customers using weak passwords or reusing them on multiple sites.

Weaker websites, like shopping sites, or social media sites can have password leaks and then not tell you for years. The problem with using the same password on multiple sites is now that I have your password from the site with weak security, I can use it on a site that does matter, like your investments, banks, credit cards, airline mileage points (yes, that is now a thing).

So if password management is hard on you – consider getting a Password log book like this one here:

Password Log Book