Is your Outlook having index issues?

Applies to Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, & Outlook 2007

A recent Microsoft update on June 13, 2017 has caused Outlook to have indexing issues. This is affecting Outlook versions from 2007 – 2016 and includes index issues with email (can’t search) and also calendar (can’t search)

Security update for Windows 7, June 13, 2017—KB4022722

Issue #1: Error when opening an attachment in an email, contact, or task formatted as Rich Text
Issue #2: Opening Mail Attachment warning when opening an attachment that includes consecutive periods (…) or exclamation point (!)
Issue #3: Error when setting ShowLevel1Attach to allow Outlook to display Level 1 attachments
Issue #4: VBScript does not run or you receive malicious code warning when using a custom form for Outlook
Issue #5: “Something went wrong…” or “Search results may be incomplete” error when searching in Outlook
Issue #6: iCloud fails to load properly in Outlook 2007
Issue #7: When printing a specific iframe or frame in a webpage.

For missing attachements to files you can generally to go webmail and see your attachment there before it is stripped by Outlook. OR you can ask the sender to rename the file and resend to you without consecutive .. or ! in the file name.

Microsoft is aware of the problem but does not report when they will resolve it.

If an email message includes an attached email message, and the attached email message’s subject line ends with an unsafe file name extension as listed in the Blocked attachments in Outlook page, the email attachment will be blocked for recipients. To fix this issue, save the email message to the computer and rename its subject line so that it does not end with an unsafe file name extension. Then, attach it to the email message to be sent.

There are several work arounds but they depend on your skill set and your particular situation. Please call us for personalized assistance with this matter.

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