We offer individual custom computer training only. If you need classroom training or training materials we would refer you to the Senior Center, the Small Business Administration, your local library or Cape Fear Community College.

For training with us, our philosophy is if it only has to be done once, let the technician do it. If it is a repetitive task, let’s train you on how to do it.

Training with us usually takes on both an obvious computer training component and also a ‘repair’ component which you will find beneficial. Here is an example: If you need your email configured, set-up to work, let the technician do that. We will also set up a shortcut for you so you can get to your mail quickly and easily. Once the mail is conveniently setup, we would want to train you on how to find messages, store messages, delete, and attach files to messages.

Adults learn best by doing, not watching. With us, you should be ready to do some practice during our training sessions as the technician will have you driving the bus and practicing your skills before we leave you to solo.

We find one of the best approaches to individualized computer training is to have you keep a notepad by the computer and jot down the things that you find confusing, frustrating or that you just want to learn more about. Once you have a decent size list, we will be happy to come to your home, or you can come to our office, and we will go through the list on your machine, with your software versions and your setup. We generally limit adult computer training sessions to 1 hour as we find customers can’t take much more than an hour at a time before we start seeing their eyes roll back in their heads.

To book your training appointment you can call us at (910)799-8585 or book online by clicking here.