Our service shop on Oleander (click here for directions) is the place to go when you need fast quality repairs and solutions with the convenience of dropping it off on your schededule.

Our shop shop technicians, can resolve many complex issues that other technicians find challenging.  It’s good to brag here that we have NEVER LOST DATA that came into our shop!  (16 years and counting)  We have however recovered a lot over the years.  So if data is a concern, don’t go to just anyone, come to us.

The shop has all the resources available for repair solutions that may affect the hardware or data of your computer.  Hardware problems are tackled at the shop such as replacement of hard drives, fans, screens, keyboards, charging jacks, touch pads, wireless cards and so on.

Operating System reloads: This is also best handled in the shop. We do  these in the shop because it’s more cost effective to you. Virus removals and reloads take a lot of “clock time” meaning the machine may be sitting on our bench for hours at a time but our technicians aren’t actively in front of it working with it. The time a technician actually spends on the machine is what we refer to as “keyboard time” and is what we charge for.

Virus removals may be done remotely if they are not too bad.  Your machine must start, get on the internet and have reasonable speed for a remote repair of viruses.  If it’s bad, it’s shop time.  If you think you have a back door into the computer from a hacker – we need it in the shop so we can start it up with no internet running.  Safety first.

When you bring your machine to us if it is a laptop, please bring the power cord. We have spares but on busy days we can run out of spares if everyone forgets. If you have a desktop computer all we need is the computer itself. No need to being any additional cords UNLESS it is one of the few that have a laptop like power cord, then we need that.  Many all in ones are like this.

We would be delighted to carry your computer from the car to the shop when you arrive.  Go ahead and leave it in the car or make arrangements with us for curbside delivery & pickup!

We no longer recycle.  Please see the town’s resources for recycle information.  https://recycling.nhcgov.com/services/household-hazardous-waste/