The secure system plan is our solution to scammers and other bad things that come your way.  Due to the high amount of internet scams, we bundle managed antivirus, backup, and remote support needs into one full feature solution that protects our clients.  With our products, there is nothing you can do to your computer that we can’t undo!

Why choose our solution?

Lets start with the biggest reason, we look out for you. With both the antivirus and the online backup we’re looking out for you. This means that every single day at least one employee logs into our dashboard for each program and makes sure every single customer is running as they should be. Will your current antivirus or backup company call you when your machine gets infected or if your backup isn’t working like it should? Chances are they won’t.  But Your Computer Friends will.  Not only will we call you, but there will be no additional charges to fix the issue either – it’s all covered under one simple plan.

The second reason you should consider our Secure System Plan is the amazing antivirus product.  For Secure System Plan members, if you get infected with a virus, we will resolve it or reload it – FREE.  We are just that confident in our product.

So how much?  (Billed annually)

$30.00 per month Includes:
Full image backup (that’s everything – yes programs too.)
Webroot Antivirus for one machine
Routine Maintenance for 1 machine for every 3 months of service.

Members also get:

$25 Connection charge waived for remote support
Remote Support $1.25/Minute.  Need a printer installed?   Can’t find a file?

Not all repairs can be done remotely, nor should they be.    If your computer is running slow, locking, or freezing; it is not a good candidate for remote support.

Billed annually at $30.00 per month or monthly at $33.00 per month to handle additional administrative costs.


Q: Is there any obligation to keep the subscription?
A: No there is no obligation to keep the service.  We  request a minimum of 3 months to try it out and to recover our setup expense.

Q: What is included in the routine maintenance?
A: Our technician will connect to your machine remotely and perform standard routine maintenance operations on the machine to keep it healthy and running smoothly. We use a predetermined set of tools and procedures to clean and maintain the machine‚Äôs health. Our technician will inform you if this is needed and request permission to proceed before performing any billable work done on a routine maintenance call.  During this service call we will scan for viruses and malware and resolve same, we will test your hard drive health, we will do any and all updates needed and we will ‘take out the internet trash’.

Q: What if I need AV for additional machines?
A: You can still purchase Anti-Virus software as a stand alone item for that machine.

Q: What if I need additional online backup?
A: We have a plan for everything.  Just let us know what you need.  Machines with more than one hard drive should be discussed.

Q: How do I install my Antivirus and Online Backup?
A: Our technicians will do this for you remotely. They will also set you up with an easy access remote support launcher on your desktop to help you connect to us faster in the future.

Q: When is remote support available?
A: Remote support is available during normal business hours. If you require assistance outside of normal business hours please call us to see if arrangements can be made to assist you.

*The fine print. We will reload and or repair any damage done by a virus ON YOUR MACHINE under this plan.  If you allow scammers to remote into your computer and create damage, that is not covered under warranty BUT we will have a backup to resolve the issue.  You need to call us first to resolve any issues you have.  Infected web sites that appear as a virus on your browser are not covered under this plan as those are not on your machine.  We will, however, assist you with those free of charge.

We do not believe scammers and you should not either.  Remember, their purpose is to separate you from your money and they will do and say anything to make that happen.  Scammers are experts at pushing your emotional buttons.  We encourage you to call your trusted partner whenever you are in doubt.

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