Remote support is a great option for many things but not everything. You must have high speed internet for remote support. Your issues CAN NOT be any of the following: home network issues/dropped internet, cracked screen or other video specific issues (we see our screen not yours) and running seriously slow; since you are paying by the minute. Some repairs can be done faster with a machine offline.

Good candidates for remote ARE anything related to email or passwords, tune ups, browser hijackers or add ons, pop ups, advertising, lost files, software downloads, training, anything basically anything you can demonstrate to us.

If you think you are a match for remote and want to schedule that yourself, click the big button below and you got it!

Are you having an emergency, need an onsite visit? Then your best answer is to call us at 910.799.8585. If we don’t answer, it is because we are on with someone else. Please DO leave a message and hold your place in line, we will get right back to you!

Need the shop? Just come on by 3818B Oleander Drive. It is rare that we are not there during posted hours; but it does happen. So please call first if you have concerns or are driving from far away and we will be sure to be available!