Our e-Waste Recycling events have been permanently suspended as the town has taken over curbside pickup effective July 2015.  

Please call (910) 341-7875 to schedule your pickup within the city limits.

WECT news item on recycle program

Other recycle options available including outside city limits.

Our Repurpose for a Purpose events are on hold awaiting needs of community regarding Covid-19 and home schooling.

Safe Disposal of Hard Drives – If you are uncomfortable dropping off your hard drive, or leaving it on the curb, we will overwrite all the data at the shop for $25.00 for existing customers and $40.00 for new customers.  DOD level encryption is applied to the drive making it unreadable.

If you have an old CRT or Tube TV we recommend you dispose of it ASAP. Only two landfills in the US now accept these items.

We frequently take donations of re-purposing but they must be already fully functional for this program. If you happen to have a working machine you want to donate, your local non-profits are always looking for some help. Computers for re-purposing to Wilmington area non-profits must be Windows 710 machines and have no repair needs.  All machines are completely reloaded so your data is never in jeopardy.  Your Computer Friends performs all reloads free of charge to the non-profit.

We do not need printers or CRT monitors working or otherwise.  You can check with the Restore on those.

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