We are well versed in the challenges of our local non-profits including changing staff, volunteers, varied skills, different kinds of equipment, (some really, really old) and tight budgets.

Unfortunately we can’t support you all for free, but we do offer you all a discount and we have extensive knowledge in more discounts available to 501C organizations including free or nearly free software.

A free on-site survey with Susan will help plan out a road map that you can budget and manage to.

Your Computer Friends has an in house re-purpose program that has benefited many of our local non-profits.   Please email us your needs and we will put you on the list for equipment availability.  Desktops are easier to acquire than laptops, but laptops are available.

We promise to uncover all the possible discounts available to our non-profits while providing friendly and professional service to your staff in support your of your mission.

If you are in the non-profit community, we service someone you know.

We repurpose older computers for our local non-profits.  We usually have desktops available.  Laptops and monitors are always in short supply.  Please call us if you think we can help.