Cables and charging cords – Viruses are about to come to us in new forms. Products produced in other countries that carry spyware/malware and or viruses within them will be more common.

“Using a tiny implant, a security researcher was able to rig an Apple charging cable to give himself access to a user’s devices —”
Now is not the time to be buying cheap parts from China. Stick with the manufacturer replacement parts vs. knock off brands.
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Be sure to reset your default passwords for all things connected to the internet especially if they have a camera and microphone. Items like baby monitors, Ring door bells, refrigerators and more are on the list. Remember the easiest way to get into your network is the way thieves will enter. Don’t lock the front door and leave the garage open! And yes, change the user ID from ADMIN to something else. It makes it that much harder to compromise.
Professional clean up – All computers should be cleaned professionally at least twice a year. (tuned up) It is not possible for the average user to know if they have a backdoor trojan, if email is being forwarded or any number of other things. Tune-ups remove internet build up, remove browser hijackers, remove ads, remove trackers, determine the health of your hard drive and ensure all your security is up to date. Tune ups have prevented a lot of hardship over the years!
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