This week we had two customers who got the Microsoft Scam – the same message on the computer, something like: “We are Microsoft, your computer is infected. Do not turn it off. Call us now.” They did. In both cases AFTER letting “Microsoft” on the computer remotely they realized that something wasn’t right. One said when they insisted on him paying with a DEBIT CARD vs a CREDIT CARD he got suspicious. (credit cards have more protection than debit cards) Both told the hackers “no sale”. BOTH were what we call “firebombed” after telling the scammer no sale. After this Remote session with “Microsoft” neither machine would even start normally. The bad guys had corrupted the operating system in exactly the same way on both machines. Luckily for both customers I have a technician that didn’t quit on them. He was able to get into the computer via our special tools and was then able to resolve the corruptions layer by layer and get the computer to boot with absolutely zero loss of data or programs!!! Pretty amazing if you are into the Geek details which I will not bore you all with. The takeaways – Microsoft does not tell you to call them. Don’t let people you don’t know on your computer. Great technicians are not online in India or at Best Buy. Great Technicians work here! Be safe and when you need the best technicians – come see us.

Microsoft scam