My youngest brother is an admitted Luddite. He hates technology and has no Facebook account; that he knows of. I say this because he would be horrified to know when I post pictures of him on Facebook, Facebook face recognition knows who he is. Trust me, he’d be horrified.
I tell you that to tell you that I understand the desires of the Luddite to remain computer and technology free away from “Big Brother” and any computer advancements. I understand the desire to stand still in the face of the advancing technology. Regrettably you just can’t as he has found out time and time again. (Yes, I have given him a laptop and connected it to our remote support but the boy is in NJ and doesn’t even have internet! Mostly I have to listen to him complain)
Some of you are not unlike him. You don’t understand it, you don’t like it and hate being forced to play. Unfortunately, as he has found, it’s a necessary evil. His driver’s license renewal, tax forms, tax submission, food ordering and more that all make him lose his mind – online. (Except Walmart grocery shopping, THAT he has embraced.) Getting my brother to do the things he needs to do for security when he does order his milk, bread and his PB&J, is just as hard as getting some of you to do it. But I’m going to keep trying.
Back when you got your first email account there was no such thing as:
. high speed internet to homes. Two factor authentication. Recovery information (if you lost your account). Chrome Browser. Predictive text. Websites had virtually no security, ads, movement or sound.. Pop up questions could be trusted. Do you want to download?
If you have been standing still while technology advanced and hacking got better and you didn’t – time to play catch up! Everyone needs strong passwords, backups and good security now. I’m going to drag you all kicking and screaming to that end because you are family. And since your taxes are done now, it’s time to move on to the next phase of adulting, “asset security.” (because it’s not just about the computer.

Computer Security for Luddites