The Internet of Things – abbreviated as IoT means anything that connects to the internet. Did you know you can get an Alexa enabled microwave now? So I guess you can put your food in and then while standing within arms reach of the machine, instead of pushing buttons, you say “Alexa, Microwave ON!” (in a deep commanding voice) heck I’m right there to push two buttons – do I need that? I don’t see the need. But anyway, all these things now connect to the internet. Alexa, Google, TVs, wireless speakers, ring doorbells, refrigerators, baby monitors, dog trackers and microwaves. (Just to name a few)
If you have been quietly adding tablets, phones, computers and more to your network; it’s time to replace the router! And let me tell you, the Spectrum wireless router is garbage. Today’s home, with tech savvy occupants and lots of technology, needs a wiz bang router to keep up.
If your router is 5 years old or belongs to Spectrum. You’re doing it wrong.
Call me, I can fix that.
Additionally, all these internet devices come with security risks. Be informed.
IoT – The Internet of Things
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