For spills to your laptop or desktop computer – DO NOT TURN IT ON. Unplug it and remove the battery right away. Turning on the laptop before bringing it to us could cause damage to the machine that we can’t repair. Even the smallest amount of fluid can completely ruin your computer in seconds if it’s turned on while it’s still wet. Remember just because it’s dry on the outside doesn’t mean it’s dry on the inside.

Each spill is different, Macs and PCs act very differently with spills so call us with your particular issues.  Data is usually good in spill situations but NOT if you turn it on and short out the hard drive (where data is stored). So again, DO NOT TURN IT ON until we can look at it. Doing so can cause damage we won’t be able to fix. In most cases we’re able to get the data (pictures, documents, etc.) off the hard drive even if the machine is toast so give us a call or stop in and let us take care of it for you.