Destroy Wi-Fi Dead Spots with a new home wireless router

The number one complaint we get from people about the wireless internet provided out of the box by Time Warner, Spectrum and AT&T is Wi-Fi dead spots. Most of you know what we’re talking about, that one room in the house where it’s impossible to get on the Wi-Fi.

We have many solutions for anything from dead zones to broadcasting wireless signal to outbuildings and marinas.

There are many new options for home and small business wireless. If your wireless router is over 4 years old and you spent less than $100.00 maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Home units run about $600.00 for parts and labor with business units a bit more.

Call us about your particular needs we have a lot solutions and definitely have one for your particular problem.

While many computer parts are getting cheaper, routers are the one item we see the price increasing on as they get much faster and more feature rich. Many of you spent about $50.00 on your home router many years ago, maybe when you only had one computer. Today there are a number of devices in the home, computers, tablets, and phones PLUS you have other devices like security cameras, smart switches and more. Routers have to be better and faster now to handle the additional traffic and data we are using.

So if you haven’t updated in awhile, it’s likely time.

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