HomeAdvisor and other 3rd party lead companies don’t always blend with computer repair.

Our business objective is to provide the right technical solution for each and every customer we service. That does not mean that we are a fit for every customer. We know we are not. Over the years we have found that sometimes 3rd party referrals like those provided by Home Advisor (and other companies) do not match with our business offerings or that company is so eager to make a “sale” themselves that they completely ignore our needs.

For example, one time we were offered $100.00 to do a computer consultation for a customer that had a black screen. I asked the vendor, how can I do a consultation on a machine that doesn’t run? And did you realize this customer may need a $110.00 monitor to fix the problem?  And did you realize monitors were “plug and play” so they don’t need to spend $100.00 for me to tell them to spend $110.00? They had little concern for such logic and instead wanted to know what time I wanted to go to this call. We declined.

One time we were offered $65.00 to reset a Microsoft password on a new windows 10 computer. At that time, for this password, no one but Microsoft could reset a Microsoft password. (I’m good, but not that good!) We explained that to the vendor. Response… what time can you make the call. We declined.

I prefer to speak with customers directly in order to determine if we can actually be a solution for them. I’m not going to charge $100.00 to tell a customer they need to spend more money and/or time at another business.

Additionally, here are some of the reviews for Home Advisor:

Home advisor reviews

One star ratings don’t work for us and they shouldn’t for you either!

Skip the extra layer – extra layers cost more money and sometimes just mess with progress!

HomeAdvisor may be a good business for other businesses, our objective is to stick with well rated businesses that compliment our service offerings.

HomeAdvisor Computer Repair – why they may NOT go together!