Here is the check list for home and small business users:

. setup automated off site encrypted backup

(you have this)

. install a good monitored anti-virus

(you have this)

. Continuous human checks for infections/health, bad programs & hijackers

(you have this)

Malwarebytes software for added protection from intrusions.

(We are rapidly installing this and contacting each of you to add this protection. All staff are making calls and leaving messages to schedule you.)

. 2FA – Two Factor Security on email and other important financial accounts.

(some of you don’t have this, some of you do and some of you did it but didn’t complete the implementation phase.) Do you have 2FA setup on your primary email account and is that the account on your financials – mortgage, credit cards, investments, medical, software licenses? If you answered YES, you are good. If you answered anything but YES, you are not good.

For the last one; some of you have this and some of you don’t. We have been preaching this for years and some of you heard the sermon on the first Sunday and some of you have been napping. [Will the person next to the napping person please pinch them.] Time to wake up and do the work on securing your online accounts. I do not have a silver bullet for this one, but we will be working with each of you so I can sleep at night. This process likely requires an on-site call.

Those who have 2FA know it, if you don’t know, you don’t have it. If you use any of the following email accounts to log into financial services you might as well go about the day with your house wide open and your car keys left in the ignition. You are a crime waiting to happen. Those email accounts who do not offer ENOUGH (2FA) security are: Spectrum, Earthlink & Bob’s email service. (you know who you are)

In addition to the above steps, you will be receiving a lot of phishing emails, phone calls and text messages in the coming months. Businesses may get calls or emails from the “credit card company” asking you to update your machine or change your deposit process.


If you still have concerns about an account mentioned in a phishing attempt (email you received from a hacker), log in or call your vendor via a known communication channel NOT misinformation posted in an email.

And one last thing, you don’t need to call me or email me these phishing attempts. I get enough of my own; I don’t need yours! LOL

Biden: “evolving intelligence [is]that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks.” He urged the the U.S. private sector: “Harden your cyber defense immediately.”

I think he read my newsletter last month when I said this would happen. Not the first time I predicted something like this… Just sayin’. 😉

“Harden your cyber defense immediately.”
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