Google Workspace – Google’s paid for mail
Google has been providing business level mail for more than a decade. I know because we were one of the first in town to be a Google Partner and sell Google Workspace to small business customers. We have hundreds of paid for Google Workspace accounts taht we manage.

Google Workspace is paid for mail that offers additional storage, chat, Google sheets, Google Docs and Google Drive. It has advanced security features and options to share documents, pictures and more with others via the ‘cloud’.Google workspace is a perfect affordable and secure solution for small businesses allowing for domain specific email powered by Google. ( is google mail) unlike free email ending in, Google Workspace compliments your domain name. If you have a website, but you are using Gmail or some other free service, we can fix that and you should call us about it. We have seen small businesses damaged by continued use of free email. Plus you look like a big kid with paid for mail solutions.This business level mail, all of it’s features are also available to Gmail customers simply by upgrading your existing free email to a paid for service. (you keep your email address, contacts and history.) The most important feature you will get is actual customer support.

There is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR FREE SERVICES. Gmail or anything else. So if your FREE account is compromised, you are basically out of luck. If your PAID for service is compromised, you have 24 X 7 support for that!So businesses that are using free email for professional reasons, should really consider paying the fee to protect themselves from a future hacked account. 

Free accounts don’t come back from a hacking and all your history and contacts go with that.Customer with free gmail should consider upgrading to paid for platforms if they have not protected themselves with 2FA and recovery methods, they are using mail to create revenue, they desire more online privacy.
Google Workspace vs gmail
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