Ever been hit with a nasty virus? Chances are good a website exploited an outdated version of flash on your computer. It’s so bad that back in 2017 Adobe announced it would end flash on December 31, 2020. Well, here we are!
Adobe Flash has been a sinking ship for years. Every time Adobe fixed an exploit two new ones would pop up. It’s so bad that instead of trying to fix it Adobe decided it was time for Flash to be put to rest. Adobe flash is no longer a secure program to run audio and video clips. The most common Flash security vulnerability has been executable programs, denial-of-service, overflow, and cross-site scripting (one site sees data from another, like passwords).
So for real? Is it dead? Yes! And don’t be tricked into downloading it because that would be A VIRUS not a solution! ´╗┐It’s replacement is the newer HTML5.
Per Adobe: “By the end of 2020, we will remove the ability to run Adobe Flash in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer across all supported versions of Microsoft Windows. Users will no longer have any ability to enable or run Flash.”
At Your Computer Friends, we have had years of viruses piggy backing on flash or telling users to download flash when in fact giving them viruses. We will all be glad when it is over!
What do you need to do?
All of your programs that once supported flash simply won’t anymore. Most programs, as some of you will know, would still let you run flash; but you had to jump through some hoops to get it to work. Well we’re letting you know now, those hoops are going away. Flash is commonly used to play older games. You’ll lose the ability to play those games.

End of Adobe Flash