Do you need Data Recovery? There are many types of Data Recovery but if you talk to technicians, Data Recovery frequently means a “Clean Room” or a multimillion dollar room where it is safe to take apart a hard drive. Safe from dust and the like.

There are NO Clean Rooms in Wilmington, NC. All Data Recovery requiring a clean room must be sent out of town.

When you need assistance with data recovery we may be able to get your data locally if it is only a question of your physical computer being broken and not your actual hard drive. For example, if your computer does not start we may still be able to get data by removing the hard drive and slaving it to another computer. We can also get data locally if your hard drive is infected with viruses.

What we can’t get locally is data from a hard drive that has “physically failed” i.e. is clicking, or “not found”. This means the physical drive itself is compromised and must be taken apart in a clean room for recovery.

“Simple” Data recovery can be done locally at our shop and ranges from $44.00 – $250.00 depending on what is going on. (Media to put the data on is extra.)

Clean Room Data Recovery is sent to your partner who NEVER charges for unrecoverable data. If they can’t get it, you don’t pay!!! (Not all recovery places operate this way)

Data recovery runs from $1,250.00 for pictures only on up from there.
Think that is a lot? One day with a wedding photographer would likely cost more.

Data recovery varies by job and size of recovery so call us to discuss your particular problem.

Data Recovery
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