Not feeling the love from your cable provider.  Are you feeling like it all about them and nothing about you.  Well you are not alone!  Questions regarding “cutting the cord” have increased at the same level your bill has!  So here are some options in case you are ready for a final breakup with cable TV.
Digital Amplified Antennas
–  You can buy an amplified digital antenna that covers 100 miles for about $25.00.  This comes with all the connections you need to quickly attached to your TV.  If you go this route, you will need one for every TV.  You can also get a larger antenna to mount on the roof or in the attic and run lines to your TVs (like the old days) for under $100.00 and that should get fine reception even on rainy days.  In our area you will get the local channels, ABC, NBC, CBS and some other locally broadcast stations from UNCW and such.  Perfect if you just want the news and a couple of stations.
Streaming TV
– There are many options for streaming TV from Roku, Firestick, Sling TV, AppleTV and Amazon TV.  In my house I use Roku which gives a clean easy interface with a remote control.  Simply attached to your TV, input your wireless password, configure your channels (add passwords to Amazon or Netflix) and now you are set to watch movies on demand from those sources. With Sling TV you can pick the channels you want and pay for only what interests you.  So if you have a sports person in your life, you will want to check out Sling TV for channel options.
How much can I save?
– Basic internet ranges from $44.99 (what I’m paying and I’m afraid to call them because it’s lower than reported) and $64.99 for 100Mbps.  Also they charge $10.00 modem lease.  You can also save by getting your own modem but I have to tell you they are less than helpful with getting equipment they don’t know/charge you for – to work well.  If you are OK with extended time on hold with Spectrum, you can purchase your own modem and save the lease fee.  You can get your internet only bill down to under $70.00.  Deduct that from your current bill and there are your savings.  Don’t forget to account for other services like Netflix, Amazon and Sling TV if you are adding them in.
If you want to see the digital antenna or the Roku in action, we have a TV setup at the shop you can play with.  Just come on in and check it out!
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cutting the cord – ditching cable TV
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