The most common cause for a computer not turning on in Wilmington is from lightning strikes. When storms roll through Wilmington we typically see many machines that take a hit from lightning. There are a few different ways that lightning can make it’s way into the machine after it hits and depending on how your machine was affected will determine how easy the fix will be. Most lightning strikes on desktops are pretty quick fixes in our shop. If you did fall victim to mother nature, consider picking up one of our lightning grade surge protectors. We will be posting a blog post about it soon but if you’re curious you can always ask us about the story that took place at our first shop when a bolt of lightning landed right outside our front door. The moral of the story is that not all surge protectors are created equal.

In almost all cases we can not diagnose a computer not starting over the phone.  If you want us to diagnose it and also tell you the condition of your data, if possible, we can do that for a diagnostic fee of $49.00.  If your machine happens to need an easy fix, and yes that happens, it would also be covered in that price.  Machines that don’t start at all, as in no power, rarely have data loss.   (Hope that makes some of you feel better.)

Give us a call, no start is a shop visit.  799 – 8585