I would like computer service at my home, tell the technician “Let’s get to work!”

If your issue is network related, frequently printers, internet connections in the home, we need to come see you there. If you would just like us to come to you, that’s fine for most jobs as well.

I would like Remote computer service, that seems cool.

With remote service your computer must be able to start, and also have good internet connection to us. You will have to download our remote software one time for us to get started. After that you just sit back and let us fix it for you while you watch, get a sammy or gold. We don’t care.

I would like to drop my computer off for shop work.

If you need a hard drive upgrade, a new machine, parts repaired, can’t get internet anywhere, or parts repaired, this is you! We also offer curbside pickup and drop off. Really before all this happened Covid happened anyway. Let’s be honest, Wilmintonians park where they park. LOL Call us to get everything in the system, then just pull up and hand it off or pop the trunk!