Are you having trouble with email password recovery of your email account after encountering a scammer? You are not alone! Scammers are changing email passwords and also the recovery options which make it impossible for you to get your free email account back.

SCAMS GET NASTIER – HEADS UP!!! We’ve had several folks come into the office who have lost all email history, contacts and access to long held email accounts. How is this happening? Scammers. If you let Scammers on your computer you give them the key to do anything including change your recovery options on your email making it impossible to recover your own email account.

How it works – you are surfing the internet and get a message that says something like “your computer is infected – call this number” You call the number and someone with a foreign accent talks you into a remote session on your computer. Now they can see everything on your computer and can do anything they want. What happens next depends on who is on the other end of the phone but here are some things we have ALREADY SEEN IN WILMINGTON. These are REAL things that have happened to our customers:

. They get you to log into your email account then change the email recovery options from yours¬† cell phone number and your spouses email address to something they control. Then they change your password. Now you are locked out of your mail account via any recovery method you previously had. Since this mail is free, there is NO OPTION for getting your mail back. Yahoo, AOL and Google all use an automated system of recovery. If you can’t make that work – there is no other option!

For those of you that use free email to run a business – I can’t stress enough how dangerous that is for your business. Free email does not require any level of service. None. Companies like Google and AOL don’t want to invest resources that cost money and not get anything in return. Therefore, if you can’t validate who you are via the automated process of text or email verification – you are out of luck! And some of you, have never set this up and you really need to do that because if something happens, you will be out of luck with no recovery options on your account that you opened 10 years ago and automatically log into. Trust me, check this today and don’t let anyone in your mailbox.¬† Enable 2 step authentication on email today!

If you are a business – Paid for email with real support is $72.00 per year per email with a one time setup fee. If you have a business, you can afford that!!!

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