What is the best Anti-Virus software? Well it isn’t McAfee Anti-Virus!

The software product of John McAfee who lived in Belize for awhile until he got into some kind of kooky trouble down there. (and I mean Kooky with a capital K) He sold the company in 1994 to a company called Intel Security. Yes, the same Intel as the processors (hardware) found in computers.

McAfee Anti-Virus, typically comes free with computers with Intel processors. hum. Wonder how that happens.

McAfee software – a business model based on getting on your computer first and then hoping to stay there. McAfee hopes you won’t actually decide which Anti-Virus you should use because if you did, you would likely choose something else.

McAfee anti-virus software – Competes very well at getting on a computer first. Doesn’t compete very well against other Anti-Virus programs available. I’d show you a chart, but really, they have charts showing all AV solutions as both winners and losers. The internet can be weird that way.

At any rate there is a huge difference in a business model that attempts to get in your computer and just hang on and one that is focused on being the best darn Anti-Virus on the planet. Consumers should look for the guy that wants to be the best not the best at getting around being the best. Got it?

Webroot – that’s the best, according to us. We manage it here in Wilmington. We know if you computer is virus infected or not. Sometimes customers call me up and they are like “I think I have a virus.” and I’m like “not as of this morning you don’t”. Pretty cool.

McAfee Anti-Virus – let it go!

Is the Best Anti-Virus software McAfee?