Lots of Apple in the news this time around. The latest macOS Monterey update is bricking computers. Bricking is in industry term for when a piece of hardware becomes about as useful as a brick.

For now if you’re on macOS Monterey DO NOT UPDATE! There are some tips and tricks circulating out there on how to bring these dead macs back to life but they don’t work in all cases. This issue is affecting models all the way back to 2015 so don’t think your mac is too old to have this issue.
Since 2015 macOS updates don’t just update your software, programs and such, but it also pushes important updates to your BIOS or hardware. The problem with this is the computer is performing open heart surgery on itself. This can take a long time and if the computer loses power while it’s on the operating table the computer will flatline.

The techs really don’t like doing BIOS updates for this reason. There is a lot of risk involved and as long as your computer is working there usually isn’t a need to update the BIOS. Very much a “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” thing. PCs don’t generally update their BIOS on their own. When we see software that would do that we generally disable it to keep you from having a future disaster. This is really a process that should be intentional and well thought out. sheesh.

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