Get $5.00 back for each $10.00 you spend at a small business like ours until Sept. 20, 2020!

AMERICAN EXPRESS REBATES – Sign up your AMEX card and get $5.00 back for every $10.00 you spend with YOUR COMPUTER FRIENDS. For those of you using your AMEX card on your SSP service – don’t miss this FREE MONEY! Register your cards! It is not paid by us, but by American Experss.
Need our SSP Plan? – sign up with AMEX and get the first few months at $5.00 off! Woot. Sign up for a year and get an even better deal.

Enroll your eligible Card to get a $5 statement credit after using that Card to make a single purchase of $10+ directly with an eligible small business by 9/20/20. See terms. Can be used up to 10 times!

American Express rebates